Goat plastic slat floor
goat plastic slat floor

Goat plastic slat floor is the new advanced flooring solution for goat and sheep sheds.

As an alternative flooring solution to traditional wooden, bamboo, metal and concrete goat floors, plastic slatted flooring has gained remarkable recognition and standing in the marketplace, because of its superior advantages and benefits. It has attracted more and more attentions from goat/sheep farm owners and farm sheds building contractors.

Goat plastic slat floor regular sizes are as below, if you need any other sizes, please let me know:

  1. 60*50 cm
  2. 60*60 cm
  3. 100*50 cm

Please tell us the quantity you need.


What is goat plastic slat floor

Goat plastic slat floor is a newly introduced livestock flooring system that is designed for raising goat and sheep in farm sheds/houses. The floor is made of pure PP material, usually in grass green color so as to give the livestocks better feeling, which is only the first advantages the goat plastic slat floor owns.
goat plastic slat floor
goat plastic slat floor
goat plastic slatted flooring

Goat plastic slat floor sizes

There are 3 regular sizes of plastic slat floor for goats: 60*50 cm, 60*60 cm, 100*50 cm.They share the same features except the dimension differences. If you need any other sizes, please let me know. We can customize a molding to make the size you need, with a certain MOQ.

goat plastic slat floor
60*50 cm goat plastic slat floor, weight 1.8KG
goat plastic slat floor
60*60 cm goat plastic slat floor, weight 2.15KG
plastic slatted flooring for goat
100*50 cm goat plastic slat floor, weight 2.8KG

What are the advantages and features of goat plastic slat floor

1. All of our goat floors are made of rugged virgin, high impact polypropylene (EPS30R) plastic material, anti-oxydant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, one-time molding technology, provide heavy-duty, stronger, durable slat floor for goats up to 440lbs,  for 10-15 years
Goat plastic slat floor is made of pure PP material
Plastic slat floor is made of pure PP material

2. Well designed slot openings for more than 45% open space manure filtration that leaves a cleaner floor to help protect goats from bacteria-causing disease, and makes the goat plastic slat floor very easy to power wash clean with pressure washers.

goat plastic slat floor hole sizes
Hole sizes of goat plastic slat floor
3. Super easy installation, and totally stable flooring. The plast slatted slats for goat is very easy to install, for details, please check the How To Install section. Interlock design ensures 100% stability after installation, make it a perfect stable, flat home for your goats and sheeps.

4. Our plastic goat floor does not rob goats caprine of body heat, makes it perfect for little goat nursery bed. University studies indicate that kiddy on plastic floor versus metal floor have shown a 15% improvement in their feed to gain ratio due to less stress.

goat plastic slat floor
Plastic slat floor is perfect for goat/sheep nursery
5. Goat plastic slat floor provides superior traction even when wet. Anti-skid surface and knobs prevent from skidding of goats even in wet surface. Our goat flooring is smooth but not slippery and designed, constructed  so as not to cause injury or suffering to goats standing or bedding on it.

What are the benefits of using plastic slat floor for goats

  1. The plastic slat floor is made by injection molding technology, surface is flat without any burrs. No harm to goat hooves, unlike bamboo, wooden, metal and concrete floors;
  2. Keep goat warm, especially lambs. Cement flooring is too cold for lambs in cold environment;
  3. Easy to clean with high-pressure water gun, keep goat living in clean environment. Which is especially important for milk goat and flocks;
  4. Suit for various climate environment;
  5. Very easy to install. The plastic slat floor for goat is designed with interlock system. Simply install them by steel bar as support.

Is goat plastic slat floor really expensive?

Compared to other types of goat floors: Wooden, bamboo, metal and concrete floors, plastic slat floor is almost perfect, except that the cost seems higher than those other floors.

But this is NOT true!

Yes, for the first 1 or 2 years, the cost is certainly very high, but consider the plastic slat floors can be used for over 10 years, the average cost actually goes down to a very low level.

Don’t forget the benefits of plastic slat floors to goats that brings more value to this flooring system: No injury no harms to animals, higher survival rate of lambs, higher feed to gain ration, etc etc. You actually are gaining more from the plastic slat floors.

How to install goat plastic slat floor

The installation of the plastic slats involves the support of stainless steel bars (thickness 5 mm. You can acquire this from your local market), and pre-built concrete beams or wooden frames Fiber glass beam is another option but that will make the cost of the flooring system even higher.
how to install goat plastic slat floor
Use this to hold the steel bars
plastic slats for goats
5 mm thick steel bars is can support the slats firmly
Steel bars are placed on pre-built concrete beams
For installation, please check the below video for reference

What’s the MOQ minimum order quantity of goat plastic slat floors

MOQ of plastic slats for goat is 1*20ft container, or 1*40ft container.

For 60*50 cm plastic slats, there will be 2000 PCs in 1*20ft container; 4900 PCs in 1*40ft high container;

For 60*60 cm plastic slats, there will be about 1600 PCs in 1*20ft container; 3900 PCs in 1*40ft high container.

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