Goat plastic slat floor

  1. Goat plastic slat floor,, made of pure PP material
  2. Two sizes available: 60*50cm, 60*60cm
  3. Long service life up to 10 years
  4. Easy installation, easy cleaning
  5. Manure cleaning machine/ manure scrapers, available


Plastic slat floor for goat / sheep, is made of pure PP material, for best durability and stability, anti-corrosion. Plastic slat floor is currently the most widely used flooring system for goat and sheep.

Advantages of goat plastic slat floor:

  1. No harm to goat hooves, unlike bamboo and wooden floors;
  2. Keep goat warm, especially lambs. Cement flooring is too cold for lambs in cold environment;
  3. Easy to clean with high-pressure water gun, keep goat living in clean environment. Which is especially important for milk goat and flocks;
  4. Suit for various climate environment;
  5. Very easy to install. The plastic slat floor for goat is designed with interlock system. Simply install them by steel bar as support.

Main features of goat plastic slat floor:

①All of our goat floors are made of rugged virgin, high impact polypropylene (EPS30R) plastic material, anti-oxydant, anti-corrosion, anti-UV, one-time molding technology, provide heavy-duty, stronger, durable slat floor for goats up to 440lbs,  for 10-15 years

②Well designed slot openings for more than 45% open space manure filtration that leaves a cleaner floor to help protect goats from bacteria-causing disease, and makes the slat floor very easy to power wash clean with pressure washers.

③Our plastic goat floor does not rob goats caprine of body heat, makes it perfect for little goat nursery bed. University studies indicate that kiddy on plastic floor versus metal floor have shown a 15% improvement in their feed to gain ratio due to less stress.

④Our plastic goat floor provides superior traction even when wet. Anti-skid surface prevents from skidding of goats even in wet surface. Easy installation, cost effective. Our goat flooring is smooth but not slippery and designed, constructed  so as not to cause injury or suffering to goats standing or bedding on it.

⑤Benefit of fully slatted plastic goat floor: Easy to wash and dry; Achieves best separation between pigs and faeces; Quick drying times; Impermeable.  You can also use these slats to make a part slatted flooring system with solid concrete.

goat plastic slat floor plastic slat floor for goat

Size information

  • Size 1:  60*60 cm (1.9685 ft)

0.36 (3.875 sq.ft)

Weight: 1.8kg, approximately.

  • Size 2:  60*50 cm (1.9685*1.64 ft)

0.3m² (3.229 sq.ft)

Weight: 2.15kg, approximately


Hole size: 5-6.5cm * 1.5cm

Payment & Shipping Terms

Payment: T/T


Port of loading: Qingdao seaport

Leading time: As per order quantity and production schedule


Minimum order quantity: 1000PCs

Video of installation

1.  Steel bars. We recommend customers to source steel bars from local market if possible. Steel bar for goat plastic slat floor thickness 5mm.

goat plastic slat floor support steel bar

2. Manure cleaning machine, manure scraper

manure cleaning machine for goat farm